This is the personal Tumblr of a very disturbed cartoon character. What can I say about myself? I'm not always a good person although I do my best to keep myself on that path all the time. I consider myself an artist and that sometimes can be confused by madness which I find rather funny. I do not always make sense but when I do I will probably make you love me or hate me. Either way I'm fine with it.
They say a new life can guide a tired soul. And my soul has a new friend today. So thank you for just chewing off my finger. That kind of made my week.*

They say a new life can guide a tired soul. And my soul has a new friend today. So thank you for just chewing off my finger. That kind of made my week.*

It’s only here.

At the age of 29 I am positive that I came to the realization of one of the biggest truths that the softer and more romantic minds are not ready to face and accept.

People, television, social networks… they all and often refer to the existence of “The One.” The One that you feel romantically connected with in a way that you cannot possibly describe. It doesn’t always start or end with the feeling of love but instead with the feeling of connection. You can fall in love with several individuals during your life, you can love them more or less, that depends. But …. The One…. it is something you probably will never find but if you’re lucky (or not, depending on the perspective) you may have a chance of doing it so. 

This should be great news, I suppose. To acknowledge the existence of such person, to acknowledge the possibility of finding that person in a sea filled with so many people. No, it’s not great. In fact… it is a tragedy. Because what people don’t explain to you when you’re just a delusional human being filled with feelings and hopes, is that finding The One simply doesn’t work that way. It’s actually the other way around.

Falling in love is a chemical reaction. This is known all around the globe and for some reason such fact has an expiration date. But to connect with someone is actually a much harder work that people normally try to avoid and dodge. It’s easy to picture your life with someone if you are deeply in love with that person. But with time the things you feel in love with seem to fade and disappear into thin air and when you look back at the situation, being yourself with someone new, you laugh at your past and to feelings you once so freely gave to someone. And this is the main reason people have so many relationships during their lives. Deep down and even if they don’t think about it, everyone tries to find The One and they fail at this over and over again because having The One is a task that can be somehow impossible. The reasons for it? I’ll just keep them to myself.

So why are humans so stupid, so willing to ignore so many signs and willing to get themselves hurt over and over again? When it comes to emotions we all seek someone that gives us this, or that, but when we find that person, we blind ourselves with differences, lack of feelings, lack of whatever comes to mind and many make the mistake of letting true happiness just go like that, like you could just find it in every corner. What if love was a choice? Can it be a choice at some point? Why give in to a chemical reaction that you know it may fade when you can have something that is willing to last a life time like you always wanted? If this is not being stupid then I don’t know what the hell that is.

They say that God works in mysterious ways. They also say that God is love. Does that mean that it’s safe to say that love works in mysterious ways? My journey to discover the answer to this question began years ago and yet just recently I began to understand a little bit more of what all of this means. Love does not mean a clear obsession with a name or a sense of possession towards another person. Love means that an individual is emotionally connected with another through good or bad times. It means commitment… and not in ways we are used to see, the ways we are educated to. 

But hey… what would I know? After all and like Ted Mosby would say… nothing good ever happens after